Halstead in Bloom was formed in 1999 when Michael Portway and Julia Smith took up the challenge to gather together a community based team. The first meeting was held on 18th January 2000, and from this a committee was formed to organise Halstead in Bloom (HiB).

HiB sought first of all to provide some floral displays within the Town Centre to brighten up the streets. Some neglected areas were tidied, and all residents were urged to take a pride in their locations. These efforts were given publicity and soon others were enquiring how they might help. Schools, Age Concern, Young People’s Groups, organisations and societies for all ages have come together to show their pride in Halstead.

In 2003 Halstead was given a Silver Award by Anglia in Bloom, and in 2004 a Silver Gilt Award.

From 2005 to 2008 the Award was again Silver Gilt – the elusive Gold Award just a few points away.

In 2009 the Team celebrated when the Award given by Anglia in Bloom was a GOLD! And further celebrations followed when Halstead was named as ‘Best Town’ in the competition.

Later we learned that because of our consistent high scoring Anglian Bloom had put Halstead forward for the region’s entry in RHS Britain in Bloom 2010.

In 2010 Halstead was given a Gold Award and named as Best Town in Anglia in Bloom, and in the RHS Britain in Bloom competition Halstead was given a Silver Gilt Award.

In 2011 Halstead was again named as Anglia in Bloom’s entry for Britain in Bloom, and that year Halstead was given a Gold Award,named as Best Town in Anglia in Bloom and was also given a Gold Award by RHS Britain in Bloom.

In 2012 Halstead was again put forward for the Britain in Bloom competition by Anglia in Bloom and in 2012 Halstead was given a Gold Award and named as Best Town by Anglia in Bloom. Halstead was also named as Overall Winner of Anglia in Bloom – the best entry over all entries in the competition that year.

In RHS Britain in Bloom Halstead was given a Gold Award and named as Category Winner (Town).

Halstead was named by the RHS Britain in Bloom judges as one of only 5 entries to Britain in Bloom 2012 that would be invited to enter the Champion of Champions category for 2013. This is the top category for Britain in Bloom, and it was a great honour for Halstead to be invited to enter.  Halstead was given a GOLD award, although not named as winner and Champion. In 2019 we were again entered and were awarded with a Gold.

Unfortunately 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic meant that all regional and national judging was cancelled.  There was a regional ‘virtual’ campaign and Halstead entered all categories.  Halstead was the winning entry in Best Conservation Area – for the River Walk and Best Sustainable Planting for the Road Runners’ Bed near to Halstead Leisure Centre.

Weve already been advised that there will be no Britain in Bloom judging in 2021 and await decisions by Anglia in Bloom on what sort of campaign will be run in this region.

Halstead has entered Anglia in Bloom each year, and in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. 2017, 2018 and 2019 Halstead was given a Gold Award and named as Best Town.   Halstead has been named as Best Town in Anglia in Bloom on 5 occasions.

In the 2021 ” virtual ” Anglia in Bloom competion Halstead was awarded a Gold.

In the 2022 ” virtual ” Anglia in Bloom competition Halstead was awarded the following: Halstead public gardens  Gold and trophy for the best park, Halstead cemetery Gold, Halstead river walk Silver Gilt, Halstead Mill Chase Silver Gilt, Halstead St Andrews Churchyard Silver.

You will note that all of the awards are given to Halstead, not to the In Bloom team.

All are welcome to join in with the In Bloom effort – the rewards are there to be seen!