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Accounts 2019 (Reconciliation)

Halstead in Bloom.   Year ended 31.12.2019


Bank Reconciliation:                                                                    

Balance as per cash book:                                                 £  13020.48
Chqs not presented:                                                           £          0.00
Receipts not at bank                            £       882.00
Balance as per bank statement:          £   12138.48            _________
£   13020.48            £  13020.48


Bank Account – Current:                                                          

Balance bt. fwd                               £    11827.77
Income                                             £    10213.99
Donations                                        £      2483.00
Grants                                             £             0.0
From Petty Cash                              £     4975.00
Expenditure                                                                           £  16479.28
Closing Balance                              £                                     £  13020.48
                                                        £    29499.76                   £  29499.76



Petty Cash                                                 £                                   £

Opening Balance                                     915.35
Income                                                  7399.90
Donations                                              1009.51
Expenditure                                                                                  4041.63
Tr. to Current Account                                                                 4975.00
Closing Balance                                                                         __308.13         
9324.76                           9324.76         


Premium Bank Account                       £                                           £

Balance as at 31.12.18                                                             2127.71
Interest Paid (01.01.19-31.12.19)      ______                                   4.24         
Closing Balance at 31.12.19             2131.95                            2131.95


Accounts 2019 (Receipts/Statement)

Halstead in Bloom
Receipts and Payment Statement
2018 2019
Sponsors 3625.00 3375.00 Donations 4516.09 3492.51 Grants 1500.00 Calendars 2019 2789.00 478.25 Calendars 2020 2752.60 Envelopes 62.25 Speakers Fees 230.00 70.00 Baskets 3060.00 3310.00 Gift Aid 700.25 Stalls/Plants 334.80 544.50 Raffles 364.50 464.00 Quiz 277.40 508.00 Christmas Cards 618.90 629.10 Postcards 11.50 49.00 Retail Donations 1630.99 2569.74 Sales Reimbursed 1428.00 530.00 Interest 4.24 4.24 Various events reimbursed 2650.30 1335.00 Adjustment 334.62 Misc. Sales 936.45 TOTAL 25050.84 21110.64 Payments: Anglia in Bloom 1170.00 1470.00 Sponsorship/Grant 50.00 139.08 Stall Fees 41.00 26.00 Calendars 1942.80 1937.50 Plants 11051.72 11159.05 Compost 563.20 382.46 Flower Festival 315.00 Prizes 408.50 550.43 Cups Engraving 33.00 55.00 Postage/Stamps 146.33 149.47 Misc.Goods 2260.45 833.76 Van Hire (Insurance & diesel) 44.00 84.00 Christmas Cards 408.00 382.30 Signs/Banners 336.00 192.00 Container Renewals 3801.61 139.99 Meal Payment 2162.38 50.00 High Viz Vests 114.54 Gift – Colne Valley Nurseries 50.00 Miscellaneous 528.35 Support Clubs 871.99 Sales Goods Bought 2097.88 TOTAL 25426.88 20520.91 Surplus/Deficit -376.04 589.73

Accounts 2019 (Balance sheet)

Halstead in Bloom
Balance Sheet
31.12.18 31.12.19 Variance
Current Assets Barclays Community A/c 11827.77 12138.48 310.71 Petty Cash 915.00 308.13 606.87 Barclays Premium A/c 2127.71 2131.95 4.24
Net Current Assets 14870.48
Reconciliation 31.12.19
Barclays Community Account Bank Statement at 31.12.19 12138.48 Receipts in Transit 0 Cheques not presented (cash) 882.00 Balance 13020.48 Ledger Balance at 31.12.19 13020.48 Reconciled
Petty Cash Cash in Hand at 31.12.19. 308.13 Receipts in Transit 0 Payments not presented 0 Balance 308.13 Ledger Balance at 31.12.19 308.13 Reconciled
Barclays Premium Account Bank Statement at 31.12.19 2131.95 Receipts in Transit 0 Payments not presented 0 Balance 2131.95 Ledger Balance at 31.12.19 2131.95 Reconciled
Total Balance at 31.12.19 15460.56

CO-OP Donation

We are very grateful to the CO-OP store on Colchester Road, Halstead who have very generously made a donation of £1569.74 to HIB from their community fund, and thank them very much for their continued support.

Britain in Bloom 2020

We are proud to announce that Halstead in Bloom have been selected to represent  Anglia in Bloom in the 2020 Britain in Bloom competition.

The team and RHS judges have yet to ratify the proposal, but we are very hopeful, and look forward to bringing another Gold back to Halstead.

Gold in Britain in Bloom

On Friday 26th October The Halstead in Bloom committee attended the RHS Britain in Bloom award ceremony at Linley Hall, London SW1. Where we were awarded with a Gold in the Town Category. there was also a special award for the water conservation/irrigation system designed by Graham Smith.

A fantastic effort by the Halstead team.

Gold for Halstead

On Tuesday the 10th September approx 30 members of the team travelled to St. Ives in Cambridgeshire to attend the Anglia in Bloom award ceremony.

We are very pleased to report that we have been awarded a Gold in our category  and the best entry in the category.

Both the Town park and Priory Hall retirement complex were also awarded Gold.

In addition to the Gold awards, our plants woman Joan Gibson was presented with a special award for her commitment to both Halstead in Bloom and  Anglia in Bloom.

A fantastic achievement , and well done to everyone.

Congratulation to Gosfield who achieved a Gold in the Village category and Coggeshall who received a Silver Guilt, and congratulations to  Hunstanton who were the overall winning entry.

Britain in Bloom

Halstead in Bloom have been invited to enter the Britain in Bloom competition and represent the Anglia region in  the town category.

On Friday the 8th of February two members of the team attended the BIB seminar in Manchester, to meet the judges and discuss the details of the new marking system


Donation from the CO-OP

On Saturday the 24th Nov a group  from the HIB team went to the CO-OP store on Colchester road, Halstead to receive a donation. A very generous £1600.00 was presented to the team by the assistant manager.

The amount of the donation was a complete surprise , this will be very helpful to us in achieving our next objectives in both Anglia in Bloom and Britain in Bloom, and the continuing improvements of the environment for the residents and visitors to the town.

The team would like to thank the CO-OP, their staff and customers, and are very grateful for their continued support.

Anglia in Bloom awards

It’s another gold for Halstead.

Today, Wednesday the 12th September, Halstead were awarded a Gold in the Anglia in Bloom competition and also were also overall  winners in the ” Town” category.

A Great achievement bearing in mind the difficult weather conditions throughout the summer and the increasing competition from other towns.

The Town park was awarded Gold in the medium Parks( 5 – 10 acres )category and were also overall winners. The award is recognition of the fantastic work the BDC team do.

Also congratulations to Gosfield in achieving a Silver Guilt award in the large village category at their first time of entering the competition.

The guides were nominated in the young people’s project 12-18 years category and Trinity school was nominated in the grow your own category, also the road runners bed in Colne Road was nominated in the sustainable garden category.

These awards are only possible with the selfless work carried out by all the volunteers and support of the Town council, District and County councils, and sponsors.

Photographs of the day are available from the official photographer at







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