Minutes of a meeting 30th November 2023 at 6.00p.m. at Royal British Legion Club
Chairman welcomed all present and accepted apologies from those who could not attend.

Minutes of the meeting of 2nd November 2023 had been circulated and were adopted.
UPDATES:  *Overhanging vegetation – no change!Billy offered to cut back as necessary in the Christmas holidays.  Any cuttings must be handed back to owner!  *Christmas Fayre feedback – all agreed that it was great to see the town ‘buzzing’ with families out for the day with lots of smiling faces.  HiB sold 54 calendars in all plus 100 Christmas cards, 15 wreaths and other goods – a great day and thanks to all who donated goods and manned the stall.  *Christmas tree event – feedback.  There were more trees in St. Andrew’s Church than on previous occasions   The ‘winner’ is not yet known.  The event at Trinity Church after switch on of lights was well attended..  *Co-op community day feedback.  This seemed to be just a photo opportunity.  Margaret E, Annie and Mick attended and Sue joined after her stint at the stall.  Money was paid into the bank account.  *Fallen tree over footpath.  Debra hadn’t been on that path since last meeting. (post meeting note:  Has been inspected by ECC and the Allotment Society has agreed to cut down the tree in the near future).  *Wooden posts at Sudbury Rd.  Tim was asked to remove these. *Priory Hall coffee morning feedback- 11 calendars were sold plus 26 cards.  Resident, Judy, had made jam and proceeds of £7 was donated.  Raffle raised £66.50 and coffee sales £22.40 both sums were donated to HiB.  With donations the sum raised was £162.90 and Priory Hall were thanked for their help in fundraising. *Christmas cards-donations in lieu.  A tin for donations was at the meeting and will be at each calendar stall until Christmas, there is also a sheet for messages.  We will decide after Christmas where donations are to be made .
CALENDAR STALLS: stall manning sheets were available – if you can help but weren’t at the meeting please contact Secretary to see available dates/times.  There are 187 calendars ‘in stock’
EVENTS: *Next community litter pick is planned for 31st December. *Next River Clean event will take place on 3rd December..  *Halstead Torchlight Procession 2023 will be 6th December. Ian and Joan, plus Julia and Graham offered to shake collection buckets.  6.30 at the HTC stall in High Street to collect buckets  *HiB Coffee and Mince Pies at White Hart- planned for 14th December but it was thought that this date might be changed – HiB team will be notified . *HiB Afternoon Tea will be 27th January at Queen’s Hall. 3.30pm. Cost £15pp.  We have been advised by HTC that any cars must be parked in marked bays and no double parking – tickets will be issued for contravention.

WORKING  PARTIES:  Joan advised that Tuesday 5th December will be weeding and tidying.  No working parties in Thursdays for the time being.  All will be notified of any planned works.
ANY OTHER BUSINESS:    Planning permission has been sought for Land East of High Street for 31 dwellings with 10 of the air raid shelters to be retained.  Full scheme can be seen on BDC website and comments can be made if desired.  Climate Event HTC has advised of an event at Queen’s Hall on17th January ’24 at 5pm to promote alternative energies. All invited to attend.
Debra asked where calendars can be purchased: Hume’s Bakers, HTC Office, Phil the Egg Man and Greenstead Green Post Office.

*eThere being no other business meeting closed at 6.35 pm.
Next meeting is Thursday 25th January 2023   6pm at Royal British Legion Club.
All welcome.    Contacts:  Margaret Eskins, Chairman: 01787  269443; Joan Gibson, plants/working parties: 01787 473070.  Julia Smith, Secretary 07762587141 email;: jaygrey@btinernet.com
www.halsteadinbloom.org.uk:   Facebook: halsteadinbloom;  Instagram @halsteadinbloom
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