Day: 28 May 2023

Summer Planting

Some of the 9,500 plants for this years summer planting, which have been and are in the process of being sorted, ready to be delivered to their area for planting, starting tomorrow the 28th May.

Minutes 25th May 2023


Chairman welcomed all present and accepted apologies from those who could not attend.
Minutes of the meeting of 27th April 2023 had been circulated and were adopted.
UPDATES: *Halstead Marathon – HiB team helped with marshalling and were thanked by race director for their help. Seemed to be a successful event with 250 competitors taking part. *Plant stall – was a good day. £308.90 was taken at stall with another £14 in donations. Plants bought in cost £96 so an excellent ‘profit’ for funds. Most plants were sold, some sustainable plants were taken for around the town, and some plants will be taken to the Armed Forces Day event in HPG. *Stone containers that were by bus stop in Trinity Street have been removed and will be used at Halstead Cemetery. All new containers have been put out ready for planting. (Mount Hill cart will be returned next week). *Weed kill trial – the vinegar and baking powder recipe was used on corner Kings Road/Factory Lane and seems to have been effective but may need another treatment. Ian queried whether this was cost effective as systemic weed killer could be purchased at lesser cost. *Halstead TC working with HiB has been effective although not used to full effect as yet. Jason and Tim were a great help with re-organisation of the Library area. *Pond in H.P.G. – Ian reported that the fountain is now working so there is some clearance of water. It is understood that other measures are under consideration. *Rivercare conference – attended by Margaret T and Eileen; it is understood that it was not well attended, possibly as it was held on a Friday instead of Saturday as has been usual. It was also said that there weren’t as many ‘freebies’ as usual!!! *Team working – Chairman asked if we should get back to all team working on one area at any one time as was the case prior to pandemic. It was agreed that for sorting and planting team will come together but that various areas are best cared for by small team/one person. To be monitored.
ANGLIA IN BLOOM 2023: The entry for St. Andrew’s Churchyard has been lodged (will need photos for virtual judging) and some Neighbourhoods have been entered – Sharon’s Garden (H.T. School grounds), Trinity Gardening Club, Trinity Serenity Garden (H.T.School grounds), Community Allotment (Guides’ allotment), Bowls Club and British Legion Club and The Causeway. Entry for neighbourhoods closes 30th June so any other areas can be put forward up until then.
SPONSORSHIP: Annie reported that so far £3050 has been received/pledged with a possible further £700 to come. All existing sponsors have stayed on board and a couple of new sponsors have been agreed. Annie was congratulated on her hard work – and as it was her birthday she was given a rousing (if not in tune!!) chorus of Happy Birthday!!! Well done Annie, on all counts.
EVENTS: Next Community Litter Pick – Martin will attend at Sainsbury’s Car Park on Sunday 28th but as that is planting day it wasn’t expected that there will be a litter pick. *Next RiverClean event will be Sunday 4th June, meet at Sainsbury’s Car Park at 10am. *Armed Forces Day Event will take place on 24th June, anyone who can assist from 2pm to 6pm please let me know. We will have some archive items (scrap books, calendars, etc.) and also some plants and other items for sale. *Summer Fayre 5th August (arrangements at next month’s meeting).
LOCAL GARDEN COMPETITION: Helen reported that posters advertising the Competition were now distributed and entry forms are at various places. Entry can also be made online. Winners of the Shop Window Display Competition were Lily Pearl Boutique and a ‘Blue Plaque’ was presented to that retailer. Halstead Gazette did print a report – eventually. Team were congratulated for their efforts.

WORKING PARTIES: Joan told the meeting that plants would be delivered to Gate House at 10am on Saturday 27th and the first van load would need to be offloaded by hand. Second load will be on trolleys. Anyone who can help from 10am on Saturday will be very welcome!! Margaret will bring some refreshments and asked if those attending could bring their own mug. Plants will need to be sorted when offloaded. Planting day is Sunday 28th. Those setting out please be at Bridge for 9am, those planting please come from 10.30am starting at Bridge. Annie, Mick, Chris and Pat volunteered to set out. It was said that the irrigation needs to be started soon as soil is very dry (Graham will sort). Tuesday 30th will be setting out in the morning with working party to be at 2pm for planting – Joan will advise which areas. Same routine for Thursday 1st June, Tuesday 6th June and Thursday 8th June. Then T.B.A.
ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Joan proposed a vote of thanks to Neil for the work he has done at Bryan’s Garden – it now looks so much better, well done Neil. *A card from Holy Trinity School was read out thanking HiB for the donations of containers and plants and inviting team to come to the school on 9th June for a cup of tea and a look round the garden. I have some names but anyone else wishing to go please let me know as soon as possible as I have to give in names to school. *A donation of £75 has been received from Halstead Grammar School Old Girls Association in appreciation of the work of HiB volunteers. Letter of thanks has been sent. *Margaret E spoke about the problems of uncut grass at The Loom and also at Weavers Court. Both of these areas are privately owned. Dave volunteered to speak to Dr. Symington who is Chair of Friends of Halstead Hospital to try and get some regular mowing of the grass. It was agreed that the area in front of the Co-op cafe/Halstead Icing should be cut down by HiB. Don will speak to a contractor to try and arrange (we don’t have any insurance for using mechanical tools so volunteers would not be covered). This is private land and is the responsibility of land owner – Mr John de Bruyne as is the area between the Indian restaurant and the gates. *Chris had received a request from Daniel Halls to do some work as part of CSR (employer release for charity working). He has been welcomed and told that work takes place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. *Joyce spoke about the appalling state of the area at The Centre which is overgrown with nettles and disgrace. Dave will speak with Mick Radley to see if he can get some cutting done. *Joan has vine weevil killer and will be on the warpath next week at The Bridge, Fountain and Causeway, she asked if there are any other areas that need to be treated. Ian advised that there is infection at Weavers Court. *Annie spoke about the proliferation of weeds in High Street, in gutters and at base of buildings and asked if any weed killing has been done by Councils. Will be reported. It was also noted that there are many weeds around the United Reformed Church/Trinity Court area and at the Library – there is a Partnership meeting on Tuesday 30th so these areas will be noted. Sue said she is knitting ‘hats’ for chocolate oranges and will have some for sale when calendars are sold later in the year. She volunteered to pass on the patterns if anyone would like to join her – she plans to have 10 ready by Christmas!!
There being no other business meeting closed at 7.02pm.

Next meeting is Thursday 29th June 2023 6pm at Royal British Legion Club. All welcome.
Contacts: Margaret Eskins, Chairman: 01787 269443; Joan Gibson, plants/working parties: 01787 473070. Julia Smith, Secretary 07762587141 email;: Facebook: halsteadinbloom; Instagram @halsteadinbloom
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