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Summer 2023

It has been decided, that as there is a chance of the long promised town regeneration going ahead in 2023 (and bearing in mind the impact that will have on the town) we will entering the Anglia in Bloom competition with virtual entries only. The summer planting will go ahead as in previous years so there ought to be some lovely displays.

Local Garden Competition 2023

A local garden competition is being organised by Halstead in Bloom, it will be launched after Easter and the closing date will be the 23rd June, with judging on the 1st and 2nd July.

If anyone is interested in entering they can contact any of the team or one of the contact details shown at the foot of the minutes.

Entry forms will be available and where they can be obtained from will be published closer to the launch date.

Minutes January 26th 2023


Minutes of a meeting 26th January 2023 at 6.00p.m. at Royal British Legion Club
Chairman welcomed all present and accepted apologies from those who could not attend.
Minutes of the meeting of 24 th November 2022 had been circulated and were adopted.
UPDATES: *Town Centre Regeneration: we have been told that the programme of regeneration
of High Street will take place this year and that works won’t be completed until September; it was
said that this will cause disruption in the Town Centre. *Braintree DC bedding plans 2023: we
have been told that there will be imminent discussions about provision of bedding plants for
Halstead Public Gardens, cemetery and town this year. Some sustainable bedding is already
planned and HiB has said that it will be possible for us to provide, for a limited period, some funds
towards bedding if required. *Donations in memory of Michael Hutchings; meeting was told that
with donations from his funeral and matched funding from his widow’s place of work donations
amounted to around £9000.00. HiB arranged and paid for a memorial plaque on a bench in Mill
Chase Playing Field but it was thought that perhaps some other memorial can be made in future.
*Christmas Tree Award; Annie displayed the trophy won by the Halstead in Bloom tree at the
Christmas Tree event held at St. Andrew’s Church. All those who contributed items for the display
were thanked and congratulated. What is planned for this coming year!! *Halstead Road Runners’
donation of £1000 has been received from the proceeds of Halstead Marathon 2022 and HiB team
were thanked for their help with marshalling. *Christmas Tea; held on 16 th January at Queen’s Hall
was proclaimed to have been a roaring success! Food ‘just kept coming’ and was delicious. A
card had been received from Mr and Mrs Dennis Hume thanking the team for the invitation and the
splendid company. It was agreed that the afternoon was a great success – and that we should
plan for something similar next year! Margaret T was thanked for organising the day and liaising
with Marie Hughes for the catering. Well done! *No Christmas Cards’ donations; this was a
scheme put forward by Margaret T and it raised £87.55 in donations. Discussion took place about
where this money should go and on a vote it was decided it should be donated to the charity Hope
for Tomorrow that arranges the weekly cancer treatment van in Butler Road Car Park. *Deer
repellent; used bedding supplied by Debra that was said to repel deer hasn’t yet been tried.
*Willow Park – Debra had spoken about the parking on verge at Willow Park and said that the
situation was worsening daily. We have been told that nothing can be done – this is ECC
Highways property. *Former Dorothy Perkins shop; this has now been cleared by Solar staff
thanks to persuasion by Annie and some shop owners in Weavers’ Court.
ANGLIA IN BLOOM 2023: Results of the ballot taken in November showed a majority of ‘no’
vote for entry into campaign. With the forthcoming regeneration works it was thought prudent not
to enter anyway. It was agreed that Halstead should put forward some ‘virtual’ entries and to this
end photos will be required. It was also thought that Halstead could put forward some Its Your
Neighbourhood entries such as Sharon’s Garden, the Community Allotment, Bowls Club, etc.
EVENTS: Next Community Litter Pick – 29 th January. Meet at Sainsbury’s Car Park at 10.30 am.
All welcome. (Dave said he and Lin will be litter picking on Saturday instead and will pick the
Kings Road Factory Lane area). *Next River Clean is 5 th February. Meet 10am at Sainsbury’s Car
Park. Last month’s event couldn’t take place along the river as it was in flood but it is hoped that
the next event will take place. *HiB Annual General Meeting it was decided that this will take place
at the 30 th March monthly meeting but will be open to anyone wishing to attend. *Plant Stall will be
on 19 th and 20 th May (second day if we don’t sell everything the first day!). *Local Garden
Competition will take place this year, organised by the team from last year and anyone else
wishing to join in. It is hoped to have a ‘shop window’ competition in May to coincide with the
Coronation of King Charles III and the event for children will probably take place at a similar time.

The main Local Garden Competition will probably be judged rather earlier than last year in case of
the hot, dry weather that meant gardens struggling in 2022.
HiB talks: 1 st February at Priory Hall. 2pm. 17 th April Halstead WI at the Con Club.7.30pm
WORKING PARTIES: Joan said that Tuesday 31 st January would be working in Halstead Public
Gardens at the request of Peter. There are some perennials to be cut back so clippers and rakes
(for fallen leaves) will be required. Meet Halstead Public Gardens at 2pm. Tuesday 7 th Feb will be
finishing off work at the Resource Centre plus litter picking if desired. Tuesday 14 th Feb. Will be
work at the Elizabeth Courtauld Surgery and for 28 th Feb some dead heading will be required.
Joan told the meeting that summer bedding has been ordered and will be delivered to Gate House
Yard at 10am on 27 th May for sorting. Some plants will come from Clive Baker at Greenstead
Green and these will be collected on Friday 26 th May. Planting of summer bedding will begin on
Sunday 28 th May.
CALENDARS: Chairman was pleased to announce that all 600 copies of the 2023 calendar had
been sold and there had been enquiries for at least a couple more. Chairman thanked all those
who acted as sellers and said that this had been a very worthwhile exercise. Many donations
were made at the stall and gift aid has been claimed on these donations.
It was decided that we should go ahead with a calendar 2024 and Chairman asked all to be aware
that photos will be required. Don suggested that perhaps some of team working could be included
– to be considered. It was suggested that names of plants used in displays could be included.
ANY OTHER BUSINESS: *Chairman read a letter from Halstead Town Council thanking HiB for
help with collecting and marshalling at the Torchlight Procession. Letter stated that £1207.16 had
been raised for the Mayor’s Charity which is the Halstead Day Centre. *Secretary noted that the
web site hosting fee would shortly be due at a cost of £274.73 for two years. It was questioned
whether we should still have a web site and management is an issue. Mike said he will look at
updating the site and it was decided to continue with the site for a further 2 years.*Linda noted
that several verges were looking very sad where vehicles had parked or driven over them. It was
said that this is ECC Highways responsibility so nothing will be done. *Lin spoke about various
pot holes that need attention; again this is ECC Highways responsibility. *Joan thanked BDC for
clearing the leaves on the footpath Parsonage St. to Weavers’ Court. *Mike noted that when a
lighting column in Hedingham Road had been replaced the old ‘stump’ has been left; will be
brought up at Partnership meeting. *Fiona noted graffiti at Weavers’ Court – this has been
reported to BDC but the site is apparently privately owned; will be followed up. *Debra suggested
that we make up some natural weed inhibitor from vinegar,salt and dish wash liquid. *Margie C
said that something along these lines had been used around United Reformed Church this year to
great effect but that care needed to be taken due to the acidity and corrosive nature of ingredients.
*Julia spoke about the seat at Mill Green that is deteriorating. Has been viewed and a plan of
action proposed. Discussions then took place about assistance that has been sought from
Halstead Town Council. A rough plan of works where some help is needed has been drawn up
but it was said that frequency of watering, etc. would need to be written in to any plan so that
works can be monitored. Further meetings to take place.
There being no other business meeting closed at 7pm.
next meeting is Thursday 23 rd February;

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