Minutes of a meeting 30th June 2022 at  6.00 p.m. at Royal British Legion Club

 Chairman, welcomed all present and accepted apologies from those who could not attend.
Chairman updated all on the progress of Ian who is now home and has been given thumbs up from the Consultant and next appointment is at end of July.  Well done Ian!

Minutes of meeting of 26th June 2022 had been circulated and were adopted.

UPDATES.  *A donation of £200 was received from Hedingham Singers following the recent, successful, Jubilation event.  Donation was totally unexpected and gratefully received.  *Troughs have been removed from outside premises in Bridge Street.  One may be required at the United Reformed Church, Margie C to organise.  *Jubilee Fayre – a total of £130.10 was raised with £15.24 given in donations.   *British Legion Armed Forces Day Fair – a total of £55.30 was taken with £8.09 in donations.  £15 will be donated to the RBL as  thanks for organising this event.   *Eastlight Homes event at Queen’s Hall was attended.  The Eastlight team are planning to ‘bring the community together’ and further events with a wider attendance are planned for the autumn.   *Partnership going forward – a meeting was held very recently with senior officials from ECC, BDC and HTC plus HiB Secretary.  Ideas on how to manage In Bloom going into the future were discussed and a stronger, more formal Partnership Agreement was drafted.  A paper will be put to HTC meeting on 18th July . BDC have purchased a weed clearing machine and will bring to Halstead so that HiB team can view it.  Suggested that Factory Lane East would be a good place to demonstrate its capabilities!
LOCAL  GARDEN  COMPETITION.   Helen reported 13 entries for the Young People’s Competition with good input from Guides, Brownies and Rainbows.  Prices were awarded.  The ‘gardens’ were lovely and made a beautiful display in Holy Trinity Church over the Jubilee weekend.  It is hoped that next year the competition will be better supported.
The Local Garden Competition launched on 6th June and so far there have been 4 entries – two of them posted online.  Posters and entry forms are in supermarkets and at Halstead Town Council office and at Halstead Icing.  Karyn had some ‘thank you’ certificates of appreciation that can be put through doors, together with entry forms and team  took some to distribute. 
Some pre-judging, learning events have taken place.  Judging will be over 23/24th July.
Thanks was expressed to the team managing this prestigious event.

SPONSORSHIP There has been a great response to requests for sponsorship.  So far a total of £3025  has been received including a donation from Dr. Hessayon.  There is a further £225 (including £150 from East of England Co-op) in the pipeline and Annie reported that she is still exploring other possibilities for sponsorship.  Aluminac (formerly Wade) has not responded so their signs at entry beds will be removed.   Well done Annie for your efforts.

HALSTEAD  FLOWER  FESTIVAL  HiB will make a display, the theme for this year is Hymns of Praise and HiB will illustrate Blessed Assurance with the refrain being ‘this is my story, this is my song’.  Joan will arrange flower displays.  Set up is Thursday 7th July and the event at St. Andrew’s Church will be from 10-5 Friday 8th; 10-5 Saturday 9th and 12-5 Sunday 10th. July.  Refreshments will be available.  Some of the HiB team will act as guides and assist with refreshments.

ANGLIA  IN  BLOOM Campaign 2022.  Wording for the Halstead entries was read out – 80 words have been supplied for Public Gardens, River Walk, Mill Chase and Halstead Cemetery by BDC.  Wording for St. Andrew’s Churchyard was also read out and approved.  Photos will be taken by BDC and by Alan and David T.  All entries must be sent to Anglia in Bloom by 25th July.

CALENDAR 2023  Discussions took place about whether we should produce a calendar for next year and a vote was taken.  Majority decision was that HiB should produce a 2023 calendar.  Discussions then took place about quantity to order:  Quote has been received from Paul Clark Print – 500 copies at £1375.  600 copies at £1500 this means cost would be £2.75 per copy. (run-on price would be held at this figure if we wanted to order further quantities).  Discussion took place on how much we should charge with the current price being £4 there was a suggestion that this should be raised to £4.50 or even higher.  On a vote it was decided that in the current financial climate we should hold the price at £4 as postage costs will be even higher this year.  Mike suggested that we should invest in a card reading machine.  Sec to explore costs (see note at foot of minutes).

EVENTS.  *Next Community Litter Pick – Sunday 31st July. Meet 10.30 at Sainsbury’s Car Park..   *Halstead T.C. is planning a Summer Fete on 6th August.  Further details at next meeting.  *Halstead Fire Station is having an event on 3rd September.  We won’t have anything to sell, but hopefully we can have some sort of game for children?  Margie C suggested a ‘carpet bowls’ type event.  Further discussions to take place.   HiB agreed to speak to Great Notley Flower Club on 12th October, 13.00hrs.  HiB has also agreed to speak to Halstead W.I. on 17th April 2023, 7.30pm at the Con Club.

WORKING  PARTIES  Joan said that on Tuesday 5th Annie would like help at the Hospital with weeding or there is deadheading, etc. to do around the town.  There will be work needed at the Road Runners bed later in the month.  All of the perennials that are at present behind gates as Weavers Court will be going to Peter’s to be sorted.  Carol asked if a new volunteer had turned up on Tuesday but this didn’t happen. 

ANY  OTHER  BUSINESS *Julia showed a poster from 21st Century group about a fund-raising Jubilee Jaunt asking for pledges for miles walked during July.  This was noted.   Julia also noted that HTC had suggested that assistance from HiB to clean moss from the WWI memorial in St. Andrew’s Churchyard would be useful.  Members felt that for Health and Safety reasons and for concerns about damage this wouldn’t be something we could take on.  *Carol spoke about the waste bin in Colne Road that has been damaged – will be reported.  Carol also spoke about bins at Willow Park that are not emptied and there are no dog bins so dog waste and other waste is littering the area.  This is a Developer problem at the moment and a letter will be written.  Carol mentioned the surrounds to beds at Tylney Court that are wooden and rotting.  She asked if Graham could view and see if remedial work can be effected.  *Alan noted that the ‘raised bed’ at Blamster’s Crescent is still in a terrible condition.  Will be reported again to Eastlight Homes.  *Karyn asked if there is any watering that she and Billy can do and Joan asked if they could maintain the trough at Ronald Road and the one at White Horse Avenue.  This was agreed.  *Joyce noted the pot holes in Trinity Road – these are being attended to.  Joyce also said that Mount Hill banks are again causing problems and she will report (have also been reported to BDC). *Colin offered help with judging the Local Garden Competition and said that he and his partner will be pleased to assist.  Offer gratefully taken up!  Colin also agreed to enter Adams Court into the It’s Your Neighbourhood competition run by Anglia in Bloom/RHS.  *Jean asked about watering areas in Colchester Road.  Sec. hopefully will set up a meeting with HTC to discuss.  *Fiona noted that trees are hanging over the footpath at Mill Bridge making egress difficult.  Will be reported.  Fiona also noted that Jane Giffould is raising money for the Mobile Cancer Treatment Bus that is run by a charity.  She had a Just Giving Page to receive donations.  *Annie asked who will water the 3 large HTC tubs outside Ukraine House (formerly the Premaberg Building).  Will be discussed with HTC.  Annie also noted the large amount of weeds in Council car parks at Rosemary Lane, Hedingham Road and Chapel Street.   Annie asked about the sign on corner of Butler Road advertising Car Wash and wondered if permission had been given for this sign.  Will be queried.  *Joan noted that the dog bin and the litter bin on River Walk at Parsonage St. were in poor condition.  She did note, however, that the overhanging rose bushes that were previously reported have been trimmed by BDC.  Joan spoke about the hanging baskets at Michael’s Estate Agents. Owners are finding it difficult to water them.  Julia now taking these on.  *Margaret E reported that the road drain at disabled bay outside Sainsburys is blocked.  Margaret also noted that the Centre is very overgrown and has lots of weeds.
JOAN said that there are about 100 begonias (bedding and trailing) at Peter’s that have been attacked by muntjac but are now starting to grow again.  If anyone can make use of them please let Joan know.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.12 p.m.

Next team meeting on Thursday 28th July 2022. 6.00p.m. at British Legion Club, The Causeway.  

 Contacts:  Margaret Eskins Chairman.  01787 269443;  Julia Smith, Secretary. 0776 2587141 / 01787461806. e-mail jaygrey@btinternet.com; Joan Gibson, plants/working parties. 01787 473070www.halsteadinbloom.org.uk       Faceb