Minutes of a meeting 26th May 2022  6.00 p.m. at Royal British Legion Club

 Chairman, welcomed all present and accepted apologies from those who could not attend.
Chairman updated all on the progress of Ian who has been moved from Colchester Hospital to Basildon Hospital for specialist treatment.  All said ‘get well soon Ian’  

Minutes of meeting of 28th April 2022 had been circulated and were adopted.

UPDATES.  *Partnership Review.  Further meetings have taken place.  It was felt that it would be helpful if we have a ‘mock judge’s tour’ and that our usual surveys of the route are prepared and presented at a future meeting.  Details were itemised and groups of 2 volunteered to survey parts of the route.  *Co-op Community Fund – application has been made for a further year’s support.  *Land 122 King’s Road to land rear of Dr.’s Surgery.  It has been ascertained that this is, indeed, private land.  *Parking on verge in Parsonage St.  Details of one parked vehicle was passed to Enforcement at BDC and a letter was written.  There is no means by which enforcement can be enacted.  *Grass at Hospital.  Dr. Symington, Chair of the Friends of Halstead Hospital was contacted and said that the grass will be cut at some future point.  *Spraying round street furniture, etc.  Point was raised with BDC and we have been told that this is the most efficient weed control method.  *Town Centre Regeneration.  This work was supposed to have taken place last year but Officer leading the work has not had time to progress it.  Work has been put out to tender, but then there will be public consultations, etc.  It seems unlikely that work will be done this year so probably no entry into Anglia in Bloom 2023 will be possible.  *Holy Trinity School Gardening Club.  A lovely letter from the Club thanking HiB for funding for the polytunnel has been received and was read out and circulated.  We were told that tomatoes, cucumber, beans, courgettes, cosmos, peppers and aubergines are being grown and are doing really well.  Great to see that things are going well with the Club.
LOCAL  GARDEN  COMPETITION.   Helen reported that the Jubilee Portable Garden Competition for Under 16’s is open.  Exhibits to be brought to Holy Trinity Church by 1st June and judging will take place by Officers from Halstead Town council between 11am-12noon.  Prizes will be presented by the Mayor, Cllr Mrs Jackie Pell, on 2nd June at 11am. Karyn and Billy have donated prizes. Exhibits will remain at the Church for viewing until Sunday 5th June when exhibitors are asked to remove them.  Entries have so far been received from Playgroups, St. Andrew’s School, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides but it is hoped that more will be presented. 
The main Local Garden Competition will be launched on 6th June with posters and on social media.  Entry forms have been updated and entries can now be made digitally.  Postal entries can be received or forms can be lodged at Halstead Town Council.  Prizes will be local garden centre vouchers to the value of £25 – which HiB will fund.  Well done the Local Garden Team.

SPONSORSHIP There has been a great response to requests for sponsorship.  So far a total of £1551.00 has been received.  So far there has been no response from East of England Co-op nor from Aluminac (formerly Wade) but it is thought that if these requests are not taken up other companies will be pleased to sponsor the identified areas.  Well done Annie for your efforts.

ANGLIA  IN  BLOOM Campaign 2022.  Meetings with BDC have taken place about entries for Halstead Public Gardens, Halstead Cemetery, Halstead River Walk and Mill Green.  Criteria have been studied and photos need identified.  Wording also roughed out.  Halstead’s other entry will be St. Andrew’s Churchyard and it was thought that perhaps the date of oldest tomb and most recent tomb plus any other historical facts might be helpful in supporting photos.  The refurbished bench supplied by HiB is now installed, so another photo/wording opportunity.  David offered to research some of the history that could be included.

EVENTS.  *Next Community Litter Pick – Sunday 29th May. Meet 10.30 at Sainsbury’s Car Park. Halstead Rotary has indicated that they would like to join in with litter pick events.  * Plant collecting/sorting on 28th May.  Please be at area rear of Halstead Auto Electrical by about 10am on Saturday.  Planting will begin on 29th May.  Those helping to set out please be on Town Bridge at 9am and those planting please bring trowels, etc. (plus steps for planting The Bridge) at 10.15am.  Areas to be planted on Sunday will be Bridge, The Causeway, Solar Wall and if there is time The Crossing.  Assistance with carting plants to other areas will be sought, Joan to advise on day to day basis    *There will be a Jubilee Fayre on Saturday 4th June.  So far volunteers are:  9-10 Joan and Joyce.  10-11 Billy and Karyn;  11-12  Nicky and Chris.  12-1  Alan and Margie C.  If you can help from 1-2 and 2-3 please let me know as soon as possible..  Our stall will be positioned opposite Costa Coffee.  We will be selling some plants, plant pots, some hand made goods, etc.  *There will be a Fete in Halstead Public Gardens on 25th June to celebrate the Royal British Legion, we will probably have some plants left to sell plus any other bits and pieces that we can get together. Possibly we could have a display of some archive material.   *Halstead T.C. is planning a Summer Fete on 6th August. It was decided that we want to take part and perhaps we could have more Archive material?   I will probably need some help curating our display  *Halstead Flower Festival is going ahead on 8th/9th/10th July.  Theme will be ‘Songs of Praise’.  We don’t know location of our display, Joan to find out.  It was decided that HiB would like to have a full A5 page advert in the programme at a cost of £30, Cheque to be sent.  Set up for the display will be 5th/6th/7th July.  Joan to advise at next meeting.*alsteadalsHal alstea
WORKING  PARTIES  Plant sorting on Saturday 28th and Planting on Sunday 29th.

All subsequent working parties on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be planting until all plants (and volunteers!!) are exhausted.

ANY  OTHER  BUSINESS.    *Chairman noted that the plant sale raised £376.41 with a further £11 in donations.  Margaret thanked all who had helped and those who donated plants.  She asked that for any further sales of plants labels be attached.  It was noted that a Plant Finder App can be installed on phones for 7days free and it was thought that perhaps this might be useful for subsequent sales.
*Joyce noted that the left hand side of Mount Hill, going towards Braintree, is very overgrown now and needs to be cut back.  BDC/ECC rangers to be advised.  *Joan noted that the wooden edging around bed in St. Andrew’s Churchyard is rotting and could be a trip hazard.  HTC will be advised and asked to remove it.  If new edging is required it was decided that HiB could fund.  *Fiona remarked on how much she and Dave enjoyed marshalling for the Halstead Marathon and said how lovely it was that runners, however exhausted, thanked Marshalls as they passed.  It was noted that on the Halstead Road Runners Facebook page there was feedback thanking all marshalls and saying that they were the best encountered!!  *Julia noted a request from Mr Bonnett a resident of the Old Police Station houses asking if HiB could supply containers and plants outside his property that he would sponsor/pay for.  It was suggested that he be advised of the cost/size of the containers and asked if he was prepared to purchase them.  It was thought that HiB could supply compost/plants if residents are prepared to maintain displays.  *Sue asked if the proposed displays at ESO and Nail Bar at top of town are in place.  They are, and Sue has subsequently visited and ascertained that businesses will water displays.  *Margie noted that the Wool Shop in Bridge Street has now closed but the troughs (that were donated by HiB) are still in place.  Margie will ascertain if they are still required and if not will ask at the Church if they could be placed outside the Church.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 6.50 p.m.

Next team meeting on Thursday 30th June 2022. 6.00p.m. at British Legion Club, The Causeway.  

 Contacts:  Margaret Eskins Chairman.  01787 269443;  Julia Smith, Secretary. 0776 2587141 / 01787461806. e-mail jaygrey@btinternet.com; Joan Gibson, plants/working parties. 01787 473070www.halsteadinbloom.org.uk