Minutes of a meeting 28th April 2022  6.00 p.m. at Royal British Legion Club

 Chairman, welcomed all present and accepted apologies from those who could not attend.   

Minutes of meeting of 31st March 2022 had been circulated and were adopted.

UPDATES.  *Partnership Review.  There will be another meeting of the review group on 4th May.  Hopefully we will be able to make some progress on moving the matter forward.  *Ray Sharman of Halstead Road Runners who will be running for Halstead in Bloom and has pledged to raise £500 for us does have a Facebook page but not, at the moment a Just Giving page.  We may be able to make some enquiries on Marathon Day as to how we can support him.

LOCAL  GARDEN  COMPETITION.  Report was given by Helen and Karyn that posters advertising the Children’s Competition for a ‘portable’ garden on the theme of the Queen’s Crown or a Garden Fit For A Queen have been placed in schools, in retail outlets in the town and on the Community Facebook Page and there has been a good response so far.  Entry forms have been made.  Judging will be done by Halstead Town Councillors and prizes, that have been donated by Karyn, will be given at an event on 2nd June at Holy Trinity Church.  All entries will be on display in Holy Trinity Church for the week following the prize giving.
It was said that there will be further meeting of the Local Garden Competition Team to discuss the main Competition in the near future.  Team were thanked for their efforts and we look forward to two good competitions this year.

SPONSORSHIP Annie gave a report  that all letters/emails to existing sponsors have been sent and there has been a good response so far with £1275 being paid or pledged.  There is a potential further £1150 to come in.  Annie reported two new sponsors this year, both of whom have contacted us rather than us going out to recruit.  These are Halstead Rugby Club who will sponsor two sites – muck spreader and the new container at Butler Road – and Crownlea who will sponsor the display outside The Bank and also the three large tubs outside what is now Ukraine House.  Meeting was told that these three large tubs will need to be moved so that scaffolding can be erected but Halstead TC has made it clear that they must remain outside this building even if they are spaced out differently.  Don suggested that HiB contacts Halstead Cricket Club for sponsorship, but Annie said that with the past difficult two years it was felt that new sponsorship won’t be sought for this year but for 2023 the Cricket club and also local Estate Agents will be contacted.

ANGLIA  IN  BLOOM Campaign 2022.  I have a meeting with Officer from BDC and Peter Nice on 6th May to discuss photos submitted so far (thank you Alan!) and what will be needed.  The areas entered are: Halstead Public Gardens, Halstead Cemetery, Halstead River Walk and Mill Green.  Also HTC/HiB will be entering St. Andrew’s Churchyard.

EVENTS.  *Next Community Litter Pick – Sunday 29th May. Meet 10.30 at Sainsbury’s Car Park.  *Halstead Marathon is on 8th May.  Places have been allocated for HiB team as follows:  Bottom of Field – Colin Bailey and David Tarbun.  Entry to hedge path and new estate – Karyn and Billy Ballard. Field Exit path – Fiona and Dave Bazley.  Churchill Avenue – Julia and Graham Smith.  Portway Court – Annie Rees and Joan Gibson.  Colne Road – Ian Jarvis and Margaret Eskins.  Bois Hall Gardens – Helen Rose and Margaret Tyler;  1st Leisure Centre Gate – Eileen Penn and Joyce Saville.  2nd Leisure Centre Gate – Meg Hollinshead, Thelma Salmon and George Lipyeat.  HiB Marshalls to sign in at race HQ (rear of Leisure Centre) at 11.10am and will need to be in position by 12.10.    I will send ‘What 3 Word’ location identifiers to marshalls individually.  Any changes will be reported directly.  *Plant Stall on 21st May.  Stall will be set up from about 8.30am.  Stall manning as follows:  9-10  Joan, Joyce and Margaret E. 10-11 Derek Holmes  and someone from Daniel Robinson & Sons. 11-12 Don and Helen.  12-1 David T and Ian.  1-2 Alan and Chris.  It may be that we will be overwhelmed with customers so if anyone else can help at any time please do join in.   *Plant collecting/sorting will be on Saturday 28th May (see Working Parties) and planting will begin on 29th May.   *There will be a Jubilee Fayre on Saturday 4th June.  So far volunteers are:  9-10 Joan and Joyce.  10-11 Billy and Karyn;  11-12  Nicky and Chris.  12-1  Alan.  There are still some selling slots to fill – we are supposed to be at the Fayre until 4pm and will be positioned opposite Costa Coffee.   *There will be a Fete in Halstead Public Gardens on 25th June to celebrate the Royal British Legion, we will probably have some plants left to sell plus any other bits and pieces that we can get together, no further info at the moment but will make arrangements at next team meeting.  *Halstead T.C. is planning a Summer Fete on 6th August.(sorry, wrong date given at meeting) It was decided that we want to take part and perhaps we could have an Archive Day? If so, I will probably need some help curating our display from the 22years worth of archive!  *Halstead Flower Festival is going ahead on 8th/9th/10th July.*alsteadalsHal alstea

 Joan was not at the meeting due to prior engagement but had sent a list!!
Tuesday 3rd May – Deadheading and weeding;      Thursday 5th May – Flower Arrangements **; Tuesday 10th May – Deadheading and weeding;     Thursday 12th May – Flower Arrangements**;  Tuesday 17th May – start to remove winter bedding;  Thursday 19th May – Remove winter bedding;   Tuesday 24th May – Remove winter bedding;  Thursday 26th May – remove winter bedding (if necessary).  Saturday 28th May – Plant sorting from 10.30am.  Sunday 29th May – Setting out from 9am. Planting from 10.30am.
**Materials will be required – trays/dishes and also artificial flowers (can be bought at charity shops, etc.).  Joan will advise where these working parties will take place – please let Joan know as soon as possible if you are interested in taking part.  Times of flower arranging meetings to be arranged.

*Julia queried whether vehicles are still parking on the verge at Parsonage St.  It was said that there was one parked there at present – details have been passed to Essex Parking Partnership.  *Derek Holmes said that Daniel Robinson are keen to assist Halstead in Bloom and have volunteered for the plant stall.  If there is any other help needed we can contact Derek or Terry at High St. premises.  *Annie noted that the grass at Halstead Hospital is very much in need of some attention.  It was suggested that the Friends group may be able to get something done – Annie to contact Dr. Symington.  *Fiona noted that ground around bins/signs and trees has been sprayed and that this is an eyesore.  She asked if these areas could be strimmed rather than killed.  A definitive answer will be sought.  *Ian asked if the Town Centre Regeneration is anywhere near to commencement as HiB will need to consider if next year’s Anglia in Bloom entry will be feasible and not hampered by town centre road works.  Cllr Gronland who attended the meeting said that matters are moving forward slowly and that signage and street furniture will need to be considered as well as road and pathway works.  The area outside W H Smith will be upgraded and that means that the tree will probably have to be sacrificed as it is causing damage to the surrounding area.  *Joyce asked for donations of knitting wool as she wants to commence making hats/coats/mittens for sale later in the year.  *Alan asked if there is anything that can be done about the eyesore around Halstead Mill.  He was told that this is all private land and although the Mill buildings are Grade II listed Councils cannot enforce action.  *Debra noted that the former Blacksmiths’ Tea Room is to be opened as an Indian Restaurant next Tuesday (3rd May) and that the owner of the restaurant will buy a lawn mower and cut the grass each fortnight!  *Chris noted that the polytunnel purchased for Holy Trinity School Gardening Club is erected and looking good;  The Gardening Club is up and running and hopefully will be potting up some seeds and growing on plants soon.
Posters for the forthcoming Plant Sale were distributed – HTC will be asked to display some on Town Notice boards after the May Bank Holiday.
Some leaflets about Sudbury’s Jubilee Celebrations were available.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 6.40 p.m.

Next team meeting on Thursday 26th May 2022. 6.00p.m. at British Legion Club, The Causeway.  

 Contacts:  Margaret Eskins Chairman.  01787 269443;  Julia Smith, Secretary. 0776 2587141 / 01787461806. e-mail jaygrey@btinternet.com; Joan Gibson, plants/working parties. 01787 473070www.halsteadinbloom.org.uk       Facebook: halsteadinbloom.Instagram @halsteadinbloom
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