23rd February 2022.

Apologies received:  There were some apologies from team members and apologies from President David Hume.

Chairman Margaret Eskins welcomed all present
 and acknowledged that this was a different AGM from normal but that it did still comply with our Constitution.

Chairman Margaret Eskins gave a brief review of 2020 and 2021 which were, she said,  very different but still busy years.  Chairman noted that the planting and maintenance done by Halstead in Bloom had been very much appreciated by residents and by visitors.  Chairman thanked the team for their wonderful efforts and congratulated them on their hard work.

Secretary Julia Smith gave a report of events over the past year with some brief details of events in which HiB took part and brief details of some monies spent.
A financial report
was given by Treasurer – copies of all reports were available and further copies can be supplied.  Accounts will be scrutinised by Cllr Radley  – Chairman of Halstead TC as sponsorship in kind. Accounts will be posted on the Charity Commission web site. It was noted that the team still has a 1 year cushion of finances as required by Charity Commission and Halstead in Bloom is thankful for the support of local business and residents.  Treasurer’s report is attached.

Election of Officers. There were no nominations for Chairman so existing Chairman.  Margaret Eskins  indicated that she would be willing to serve for a further year as Chairman of Halstead in Bloom.  Nomination of Margaret Eskins as Chairman for 2022 was made by Margaret Tyler                  and seconded by  Ian Jarvis. Vote for proposal was unanimous.  Margaret Eskins was elected as Chairman of Halstead in Bloom 2022.

It had been decided during the past year that there should be deputies for each Officer.  Mike Rees had volunteered to stand as Deputy for Chairman.  There were no other nominations.  Nomination of Mike Rees as Deputy Chairman was proposed by Julia Smith and seconded by           Margaret Tyler.  Vote for proposal was unanimous.  Mike Rees will stand as Deputy Chairman for 2022.

There had been no nominations for Secretary or Treasurer so existing Secretary/Treasurer  Julia Smith  indicated that she would be willing to serve for a further year as Secretary/Treasurer of Halstead in Bloom.  Nomination of Julia Smith for post of Secretary/Treasurer for 2022 was made by  Mick Rees and seconded by  Ian Jarvis. Vote for proposal was unanimous.  Julia Smith will stand as Secretary/Treasurer for 2022.

There were no nominations for Deputy Secretary but Annie Rees said she would be prepared to take on responsibility for sponsors and a team comprising Helen, Karyn, Margaret and Billy said they would take on responsibility for Local Garden Competition.  Vote for these changes was unanimous. 
There were no nominations for Deputy Treasurer but Cllr Mick Radley had volunteered to assist with work of Treasurer.  Discussions took place about this being a conflict of interest but it was decided that this assistance would be trialled for a year to see if this was successful.

Appoint Assistance for Joan As Joan did not attend the meeting due to an eye operation that day it was decided to leave this matter in abeyance until next HiB meeting.

Any Other Business Debra had suggested that a Volunteer Welcome Pack should be made available for all new volunteers.  This was thought to be an excellent idea and a sample pack had been made.  Don looked at it and thought it would be worthwhile and Karyn asked if she could keep the sample.  Further packs will be prepared.  Debra also suggested that the town be split into different areas with one, or a team, of people managing each area.  This matter was left in abeyance for next HiB meeting.

Chairman thanked all for their input and attendance at the AGM.

AGM was closed at. 7.55pm.