Minutes of a meeting 25th January 2022  7.30p.m. at Royal British Legion Club

 Chairman, welcomed all present and accepted apologies from those who could not attend.   

Minutes of meeting of 25th November 2021 and of extraordinary meeting on 6th January 2022 had been circulated and were adopted.

UPDATES.  * Letter was received from Halstead Town Council thanking HiB volunteers for assisting at the Torchlight Procession in December.  The amount collected at the event was £1068.39 which, together with any other money collected this year will go to Halstead Day Centre.  * Email was received from Friends of St. Andrew’s church thanking HiB for assisting at the Christmas Tree Event and for sponsoring the programme.  It was thought that over 1000 people visited the church during the 3 days and the winners of the Favourite Tree were Holy Trinity School.  *Christmas Tea. All present thought that this was a very enjoyable event – a change from the usual Christmas Dinner, very relaxed and with excellent food.  Margaret T was thanked for organising the tea and many present expressed a hope that similar events could take place later in the year.  Jenny B has suggested a Picnic in the Park event in the summer, just as a chance to get together; this to be discussed at next month’s meeting.  *New Sponsors.  Crownlea the company that has taken the former Barclays Bank premises and the former Premaberg building have offered sponsorship of some planters at the front of the Bank building and for the three large tubs that formerly held magnolia trees.  They have offered £250 for sponsoring both areas.  Plaques have been ordered and both areas will be planted when weather is suitable. *Bench from Kings Road.  Graham has repaired and refurbished the seat and it has been offered to Halstead Town Council to replace the broken seat in St. Andrew’s Churchyard – good ‘reduce, re-use, recycling’!!     *Statement to HTC and note to BDC.  As agreed at the extraordinary meeting Secretary made a statement at Town Council Meeting regarding Halstead in Bloom and reasons for not entering the Town into Anglia in Bloom 2022.  Councillors expressed their wish to see HiB continue and wanted to support volunteers.  This matter will be discussed further at next Town Council meeting on 14th February, 7.15pm at Queen’s Hall.  BDC was also advised of plans going forward and Secretary will meet with BDC representative on 28th January to discuss what support BDC will give to HiB.     *Note has been received from Royal British Legion thanking HiB for support at the poppy appeal 2021.  The amount raised in our box was £162.11.
ANGLIA  IN  BLOOM Campaign 2022. As agreed Anglia in Bloom has been advised that Halstead will not be entering the 2022 campaign but it has been decreed that it will be possible to make some ‘additional category’ entries at a cost of £20 per entry and these will be judged virtually.  The ‘additional categories’ are:

Parks; Care or Nursing Home; Cemeteries/Graveyards/Crematoria; Churchyard; Nature Conservation/Nature Reserve; Pubs/Restaurants/Hotels; Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Display.  Further HiB discussions to take place.

There will be an Anglia in Bloom Spring Launch event taking place on 24th March at RHS Hyde Hall.  Places will be limited and charge will be £20 per head to cover beverages on arrival and a working lunch.  There will be speakers and tours of the gardens may be arranged (possibly at additional cost).  Please advise Chairman if you wish to attend.  Further details at next meeting.

CALENDAR 2022.  Analysis shows that sales exceeded cost.  At end of year ‘profit’ was £149.00 but additional £40 has been received from Halstead TC and £120 from Greenstead Green.  It is believed that there is still money to come in from Halstead Icing, possibly Willow and Gray and perhaps from Phil the Egg Man.  Enquiries to be made.  Further discussions will need to take place on Calendar for 2023.  We have a couple of excellent photos so far but need many more in order to have good choices.  Our first Halstead Calendar was produced for 2003 so we have produced 20 years worth.  A calendar 2022 was sent to Halstead in Kent and the Clerk there emailed back to Halstead TC to say thank you and commented that the calendar had ‘brightened her day’.  She said it was good to see the town and noted that she fields several enquiries meant for Halstead, Essex!!  No comment has yet been received from Halstead, Kansas, USA.

EVENTS.  *Community Litter Pick – Sunday 30th January. Meet 10.30 at Sainsbury’s Car Park.
*Halstead Marathon will take place on Sunday 8th May and HiB has been asked if we will again help to marshall.   Several HiB volunteers have already come forward and Race Organiser has been advised that we will help.  It was noted that Halstead Road Runners have supported HiB in the past with cash donations and there will be a runner in the London Marathon 2022 running on behalf of HiB.
*Jubilee Events.  Full details of what is taking place have not yet been published, but it is thought that there will be 4 days of celebration over the Jubilee Holiday – 2nd/3rd/4th/5th June.  A beacon will be lit (Halstead beacon is at the Fire Station), HAPPY will have an event, Beavers will organise an event, there will be choir events and possibly communities will want to hold tea parties, etc.   It has been advised that there will be no May Day event this year.

WORKING  PARTIES Joan said that there is more work to do at the Road Runners’ Bed and that for the time being there will be ‘as and when’ working.  Please let Joan know if there is anything that needs to be done and advise of what is being done.           Plans for 2022:  Joan said that she has plans for a Jubilee display along Solar Wall with colours of purple and platinum and a depiction of the Jubilee Emblem.  The plane will transmogrify into a Red Arrow and there will be paintings of the Red Arrows.  Decision hasn’t yet been made about the bed in Public Gardens nor at the Loom.

HIB GOING FORWARD  At the meeting on 6th January it was decided that HiB will have some fund raising events in 2022.  A cake stall was agreed for 16th April (Easter Saturday).  A plant sale was agreed for 21st May and an autumn plant sale on 22nd October. (Summer plants will be collected on 28th May and winter plants collected on 29th October.  David will arrange a Quiz Night on 14th October at the Con Club.   Awards will be held sometime in October/November tba.  Joan will order in some plug plants for the May plant sale and it is hoped that some of the team will be able to take them and grow them on.  Any other donations of plants/shrubs will be appreciated.  Any donations of cakes for the April stall will be much appreciated.

ANY  OTHER  BUSINESS.    *It has been noted that Friends of Halstead Hospital are looking for support to keep the wards at Halstead Hospital open in some way.  Team asked Secretary to write a letter of support to the NHS/Friends.      *At a recent Partnership meeting Joan suggested that residents of Halstead should be encouraged to write to the owner of Townsford Mill to deplore the state of the Mill building and surrounding buildings and grounds and ask that some repairs/refurbishment be effected as soon as possible.  This is an iconic Halstead building, much photographed and visited, and should be preserved.  The condition of the fence surrounding the rear car park is deplored and the car park and surrounding area near to the Halstead Icing building is in a dangerous condition. As far as is known the owner of the Mill still lives at Anstey Hall, Maris Lane, Trumpington, Cambridge CB2 9LG.       *Margaret T noted that the dumped tyres are still at the site of the proposed Halstead Community Hub. Has been reported.  Margaret also noted that a battery in a cardboard box has been dumped in Trinity Court Car Park.  Will be reported.  *Eileen spoke about the Braintree Local Plan where part 1 was accepted by the Inspector but part 2 needs modifications.  Originally it was stated in the plan that retention and refurbishment of ‘at least 1 of the air raid shelters’ on land East of High Street was planned which meant that there was no surety that all shelters would be protected, however in the revised plan it was noted that  ‘the air raid shelters’ should be retained and refurbished but still no guarantee that the over ground shelter will be safe.  21st C group will petition the Inspector to ensure that matter is clarified.  Any support will be welcomed.  Eileen said that part of the land had been sold at auction and some clearance had been done.  There is no planning application at present and it is thought there are covenants in place and that some drainage will need to take place.  *Mike announced that there will be a Halstead Flower Festival at St. Andrew’s Church on 8th/9th/10th July and help from HiB volunteers will be appreciated.  Please contact Mike on mirees100@hotmail.com or 01787 828642 if you can assist. *Linda noted that the footpath in Colne Road outside the cemetery is covered in leaf litter and is very slippery when frosty/wet.  Joan noted similar conditions in Parsonage St. near to the 3 large tubs and also on the footpath from Parsonage St. to Weavers’ Court. All have been reported.  *Joan noted that Ruth has advised that all plants required for the summer will be available (apart from some dichondra but these can be replaced with different plants).  *Joyce noted that the footpath between the Surgery car park and Kings Road is very overgrown and it’s impossible to pick litter out of the brambles.  Joyce also noted some fly tipping on Mount Hill – residents have left old fencing on the bank when replacing garden fences. Both have been reported.  *Margaret E has had reports of chewing gum left on pavements.  Has been reported.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 840. p.m.

Next team meeting on Wednesday 23rd February 2022. .30p.m. at Royal British Legion Club, The Causeway.  
 This will also be our Annual General Meeting.   All Officers will, as our Constitution determines, retire at the next Annual General Meeting although may indicate that they are prepared to stand again and at that time Officers for the following year will be elected.    Please forward any nominations for Officer (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer) to Secretary by Monday 21st February.  Voting will take place at AGM.  
Discussions took place about future venues for meetings as RBL Club is now closed on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  It was said that the Club is preferred venue. Secretary to speak to Secretary of Club to see what can happen for the future.
Contacts:  Margaret Eskins Chairman.  01787 269443;  Julia Smith, Secretary. 0776 2587141 / 01787461806. e-mail jaygrey@btinternet.com; Joan Gibson, plants and working parties. 01787 473070

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