Minutes of a meeting 28th November  2019  7.30p.m. at Halstead Icing


 Chairman, welcomed all present and accepted apologies from those who could not attend.

MINUTES of  31st October  had been circulated and were adopted

PRESENTATION OF AWARDS:  Chairman was pleased to present a medal to DEBRA PURDHAM who has not lived in Halstead and been part of HiB for too long but has made significant contributions.  Debra said that she has great fun working with the group and seeing differences made.  Presentation of the President’s Cup was deferred until next meeting.

NEWS:   * Co-op Store Community Fund Cheque.  Some of the team were pleased to meet at the Co-op on Colchester Road on Saturday 23rd November to be presented with a large cheque showing amount of £1569.74 raised from this fund.  HiB has also been made a charity partner for 2020. Store has also said that we can sell calendars in store (if we have any left!!)  *Congratulatory letter has been received from Cllr Graham Butland (BDC) and also a letter from Cllr Wendy Schmitt (BDC).  *Notcutts have sent some vouchers, with limited life for various in-store items.  Fiona has them.  *Flower Pot Man – leaflet from Jackie Pell with picture of a flower-pot man on a bike was shown.  Can we do something similar?-not the same!!!  *David gave news that Colin Bailey’s wife has passed away.  Our thoughts are with Colin and family, a letter will be sent.
EVENTS:  **RiverCare.  Next event is Sunday 1st December  Meet 10am at Sainsbury’s Car Park. *Next Community Litter Pick. Sunday 29th December.  ALL WELCOME.  Meet 10.30am at Sainsbury’s Car Park.  Sec. Has made contact with Scouts to ask if they will be involved.    *Christmas Tree Festival will be at St. Andrew’s Church on 30th November and 1st December.  HiB will have a tree – volunteers have made some great, inventive, decorations – go and have a look!! *Christmas Fayre  will be on 30th November.  We will be outside Dorothy Perkins from 9am to 4pm.  *Annual Torchlight Procession will be on 4th December – volunteer marshalls please be at the Halstead TC gazebo from 6.30pm with high-viz jackets *HiB Christmas tea and mince pies will be at the White Hart on 17th December, 2pm.  All HiB volunteers welcome!  *Talk at Tollesbury 20th April 2020, HiB presentation to be re-vamped before then.  *HiB AGM for 2019 will be held on 20th March 2020 at the United Reformed Church, Joan to enquire whether Kings Seeds will give a talk.  *HiB ‘Christmas’ meal will be at St. Andrew’s Hall on 14th February 2020.  Cost will be £21.00.  Menus are available.  *Summer Plant collection is booked for 29th/30th May 2020 – van is booked!!
ANGLIA  IN  BLOOM’19 Chairman asked if HiB will lodge an entry to Anglia in Bloom 2020.  Vote was taken and proposal was agreed unanimously.  Entry will be lodged in the new year.
. Chairman asked that if Halstead’s entry is agreed by RHS do we want to agree to enter.  Vote was taken and proposal was agreed unanimously.  RHS judges’ comments were read and commented upon.  It was said that HiB will continue to work with BDC in Halstead Public Gardens to rectify the negative points made by judges.  Decisions will need to be made about where we take judges (if we take judges?) along the river walk – there is a new extension and play area at the Colchester Rd. End of the river walk, possibly an area to visit?  Must take the judges to Mill Chase to see the wild flower planting.  Should go to St. Andrew’s Churchyard as this is a celebratory year for the Church.  Other ideas to be brought to January meeting as we need to get the route organised as soon as possible.

WORKING  PARTIESFor all working parties meet at 2pm. on Town Bridge/Halstead Icing car park unless advised otherwise 3rd December. – Ruth has given some tulip bulbs so some will be planted in troughs/tubs and in the ground at this working party.  10th December – probably deadheading or more bulb planting.  17th December – this will be the tea and mince pie party!  Trees at Holy Trinity will be removed at first working party in January.  Artwork for the Doctors’ Surgery is still to be received.

   30th November(Fayre). 9-10 Joan and Linda. 10-11 Debra and Sue. 11-12 Iola and Wendy  12-1 Ian and Margaret E. 1-2 Alan and Joyce. 2-3 Nicky and Joan. 3-4 Graham and Julia.

A breakdown of calendars sold was given and the numbers left in stock was reviewed.  It was decided not to order any more – better to sell out that have goods remaining.  700 calendars have been purchased and as of to-day money for 160 is still to be received (some of these are sold, but quantities not known).  Stalls are organised as follows – but keep an eye on messages as if we sell out stalls will not be required:

6th December. – 9-10 Joan and Pat; 10-11 Jenny and Chris; 11-12 Alan and Pat; 12-1 Margaret E and Ian.
7th December – 9-10 Joan and Pat; 10-11 Jean and Nicky; 11-12 David and Alan; 12-1 Margaret E and Ian
13th December – 9-10 Joan and Chris; 10-11 Jenny and Iola; 11-12 Alan and Julia; 12-1 Margaret E and Julia

14th December –  Joan and Sue; 10-11 Margaret C and Annie; 11-12 Ian and Nicky; 12-1 Julia and Graham

20th December – Joan and Sue; 10-11 Annie and Mick; 11-12 Pauline and Chris; 12-1 Margaret E and David

21st December – Joan and Pat; 10-11 Margaret C and Jean; 11-12 Nicky and Pauline; 12-1 Margaret T and Margaret E.

Joan to collect stall on 20th December and set up and clear down on 21st (if still selling)

It was queried how many Christmas Cards have been sold so far – to date (29/11) 255 packs have been sold!!

These are obviously very popular, well done Joan and Dennis.  Request was made for the Congregational Church in Parsonage St. to be included for next year – preferably with the spire that used to be there.  Joan will see what she can do!!

Sue suggested that for next year’s calendar photos of the Christmas trees in the Church might be good for December?  Photographers please note!  It was agreed that flowers should be a theme for 2021 calendar.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS:    *Chamber of Trade has offered to ‘tweak’ our existing logo to make it easier to reproduce in larger sizes.  This was agreed, as long as HiB can agree proof.  It was agreed that the logo drawn by Nicky should be used in promotional material and possibly on letter headings.  Chamber of Trade has also offered to donate some more bags for sale.  Joan to ask when these might be available. *New containers for 2020 were discussed – two baskets will need to be purchased to replace those stolen. Tubs at Churchill Avenue to be replaced with Amberol containers.  .   Any other requests to be brought to January meeting.

*Ian spoke about an RHS talk about vine weevil stating that these pests have cost the trade some £30m per year.  Nematodes are the best remedy, although costly.   *Joyce asked that BDC/ECC be thanked for the work on Mount Hill to make the footpath more useable.  *Chris asked about the request for green bin(s) to replace use of so many purple bags.  It was said that this had been agreed in theory, but a location needed to be identified.  Chris said that at the Empire would be possible, under lock and key and they will arrange for bins to be put out for collection.  This will be put to BDC.  *Joan asked that team save blue and red milk bottle tops for a project she has for 2020.  *Fiona asked about the concrete outside Billson’s Opticians that was damaged by a motor accident.  It was said at Partnership meeting that this will be repaired when area outside WHSmith is revamped.  Fiona also spoke about the ‘ambulance’ on Colchester Road that is in poor condition.  This area is managed by St. John’s Ambulance, maybe we can contact them to ask if it can be updated.  Fiona spoke about potholes in the road outside Attwoods that are now very deep and dangerous, and also about the flooding that occurs in this area.  Will be reported.  Fiona also spoke about the post at Gardner’s Road/Parsonage Street that has the cover missing.  Will try to ascertain lamp post number and report. *Iola spoke about a Facebook post asking about a Halstead Calendar and replies that were made saying that HiB has some for sale.  *Sue asked if the pavement at Sudbury Rd. Had been reported (it has, as has the pavement at Colchester Rd.)  Sue also reported that she, Carol, James and Dave have dug over the resident’s garden in Honeywood Road and will put some sustainable planting there to thank the man for his help with supplying water.  *Joan said that BDC are planning some sustainable planting at Churchill Avenue, but haven’t included any shrubs that will give interest in the winter months.  She will speak with Peter.


.**********             There being no other business the meeting closed at  8.55  p.m.


Next team meeting on   Thursday 30th January 2020   7.30p.m. at Halstead Icing.
All welcome

Contacts:  Margaret Eskins Chairman.  01787 269443

Julia Smith, Secretary. 0776 2587141 / 01787461806. e-mail jaygrey@btinternet.com
Joan Gibson, plants and working parties. 01787 473070


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