Minutes of a meeting 29th March 2018  7.30p.m. at Halstead Icing

 Chairman, welcomed all present and accepted apologies from several  who could not attend. 

MINUTES of 22nd February 2018 had been circulated and were adopted

Oliver was congratulated for his efforts to publicise HiB through the Facebook page.  Is now bringing in results!
NEWS:  *Martins Bungalows:  Nothing further has been heard from resident nor from Greenways PH so assume that matter has been resolved.  *Trees not in Trinity Street: the 6 trees were taken away from Trinity Street on 9th March by combined effort of Central Piling team, Braintree D.C. team and contractors Bee Brook Nurseries.  Trees (in pots) are now at nursery awaiting removal from tubs and they will then be planted in King George V PF by Peter Nice and his team aided by Bee Brook Nurseries.  *Trees at Courtaulds PF  Jason and Tim have made what they hope will be a wild life corridor alongside the boundary of playing field and the cemetery and homes at Priory Hall.  Jason asked if we had any wild flower seeds or sapling trees he could use.  We have some seeds (Joan to contact Jason) and also a few trees but Jason is applying on HiB’s behalf to the Woodland Trust for some saplings to be planted in this area.  *Group Insurance has now been renewed through the Keep Britain Tidy group at no cost to HiB.

*Treasurer was pleased to report receipt of money from Co-op of £257.04 for first share of donated dividend money.  Treasurer also reported receipt of sponsor money from Central Piling of £500 – £100 of this will be put toward the Flower Festival.  Central Piling have been written to and thanked for all their help with removal of trees and also for sponsor money.  A plaque has been ordered for them and it will be placed on the 3-tier container at corner of Butler Road.

EVENTS:   *Community Event-Feedback.  Event was held on Saturday 24th March at Queen’s Hall and was aimed to combat loneliness in Halstead.  Unfortunately not many of the public turned up and it was suggested that perhaps it had not been advertised widely enough.  HiB was given some small ceramic planters and ceramic paints and we invited those attending to decorate the planter, fill it with compost and plant some muscari bulbs that had been donated to HiB.  Several of the other stall holders came and took part – and talked about HiB.  Addresses were in a hat and each participant was invited to pull out an address and when the bulbs flower to take their offering to that address and engage with occupant. It will be interesting to hear reactions to these gifts!  There is a follow up event on 10th April, no other details at present.  We have been given 8 of the ceramic pots and some paints and it was decided that Christine will arrange for some young people to decorate the pots and they will then be planted with some cactus and sold at our Plant Stall. *AGM – Feedback.  All agreed this was a successful event with an interesting talk on Halstead Street Names given by Jim Davis.  Chairman thanked all who provided refreshments and helped to set up the event.  Copies of the Accounts for 2017 are available on request. £2.00 was given in donations. Raffle raised £70.00  *Next RiverCare event  will be 8th April.  Meet at 10am at Sainsbury’s Car Park.  *Next Community Litter Pick will be 29th April.  Meet 10.30am at Sainsbury’s Car Park.  the inaugural event was attended by about 20 people – including several Junior Bloom supporters and was hailed a great success.  It had been advertised on Facebook – again, thank you Oliver!  *Halstead Marathon. 13th May.  Margaret E, Margaret T, Linda, David, Joan, Annie, Ian,  Graham and Julia have volunteered so far – please let me know if you want to help with this prestigious event.  *Armed Forces Day. 30th June. HiB has agreed to have a stall – possibly a ‘Make a Date’ game.   *May Day Event.  7th May in Halstead Public Gardens.  HiB to plant sunflowers and possibly have a game of some sort.  *Halstead Flower Festival. Dates confirmed as 13th-15th July at St. Andrew’s Church.  Theme will be ‘celebrations’.  Any flower arrangers would be very welcome to join in – all flowers will be purchased by the Church and funds are being raised for this event.  Joan has ‘booked’ a place with a display of ‘Celebrating winning the World Cup in 1966’.  The display will be quite large and will have goal posts, a goalie catching a football, depiction of the World Cup and a picture and flag.   Marshalls to assist at the event would be welcome;  To be arranged later.    *Cake stall Outside Solar on 31st March.  Volunteers for the stall are – 9-10 Joan and Margaret E.  10-11 Annie and Fiona  11-12 Sue and Linda – 12-1 Julia.  A raffle will be held and drawn at the end of event.  Tickets to be 50p each.  *Plant Stall Booked – on Market Hill 26th May.  Volunteers so far are 8.30-10.00 Joan and Oliver.  10-11 Iola and Joyce.  11-12 Chris and Annie.  12-1 Margaret E and David.  Volunteers to grow on plug plants will be welcomed.  Joan to arrange so if you can help please contact Joan.  *Van booked – for collecting plants 2nd June. Planting on 3rd June.  *Sci-Fi Trail. To celebrate the first airing of a Sci Fi programme on the BBC (Rossums Universal Robots, a play by Karel Capek  first aired on 11th February 1938) we plan a sci-fi trail around the town.  So far we have: K9 a Sonic Screwdriver, Dr. Who scarf, Bessie’s car number plate (WHO 1) Brains’ glasses from Thunderbirds Star Trek ‘first family’ portrait. A Dalek (at the Loom), Ghost Buster annual, Model of ET, Back to the Future car, 2 x videos, a Transformer, Marshmallow Man.  Fiona to ask Lobbs if they will have an ET in their window.  Fiona has a Tardis. Annie to make a Ghost Buster Sign.  More items needed, please!

ANGLIA  IN  BLOOM’18.  *Spring Launch on 9th March 2018 at Scotsdales Nurseries.-Feedback: Those who travelled agreed that this was an enjoyable and well organised event.  Tea/Coffee were plentiful and the lunch was tasty and speedily served.  The talk on orchids was interesting and the speaker from Filby was excellent and informative.  The only problem was the sound system that didn’t work.  It was noted that Bury St. Edmunds was named as venue for Awards and the Autumn Seminar will be held in Filby.

*Route for 2018.  The agreed route has been surveyed and most of the identified problems were discussed at recent Partnership meeting.  On Wednesday 4th April Secretary will walk round the route with representative from Braintree DC to discuss what needs to be done and who will be responsible for effecting work.   The ‘best’ entries were discussed and choice of High Street for Best Commercial was queried. There doesn’t seem to be an alternative at the present and it was said that perhaps some of the ‘newer’ retailers might put out floral decorations and clean up their exterior.  *Jobs to be done winter/spring: Various jobs that can be done in the near future were discussed – mostly painting and cleaning.  The seed sower in Sudbury Road is said to be in poor repair.  It was agreed to leave well alone for this season (damage will be hidden by trailing plants) and to review the situation next autumn.

WORKING  PARTIESFor all working parties meet at 2p.m. on Town Bridge unless advised otherwise:  3rd April – Road Runners’ bed needs weeding (meet at the Road Runners’ bed) and also the beds at Honeywood Road need weeding.  10th April – Deadheading.  17th April – work on the river bank. 24th April – work on the river bank or possibly a litter pick.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS:  *Calendar Photos.  Oliver will put a note out on Facebook – it is decided that this year photos will be ‘Halstead area’.  for 2020 Julie Khulman has offered to make a ‘now and then’ calendar using photos from the History Society or the ones we used last time.  All agreed this is a lovely idea and will celebrate the 21st year of HiB.  *Margaret E has been researching a trip to Kew Gardens; Felix Coaches are planning a trip on 2nd August at a cost of £18.20 plus entry fee to the Gardens.  Coach will leave from Sudbury at 7.30am.  To have our own dedicated mini coach would cost £478 plus possibly parking fee and entry to gardens.  4Colnes Show is organising a trip in June at a cost of £30 all in.  Decisions to be made at next meeting.  *David noted that the drain near to the Colchester Road Bus Stop at Nether Court is not working.  This has been reported.  *Margaret T gave details of this year’s children’s competition – to attract bees.  Letters have been prepared and will be sent out shortly.  Margaret also noted that she has some quiz sheets at a cost of £1 each to raise funds for Guides’ trips.  First prize will be £20. Margaret thanked David for help with this quiz and said draw will be end of May. Margaret gave an update on Ian’s health and it seems that at last he is getting some assistance with mobility.  *Christine thanked Graham for delivering bags of horse manure to Holy Trinity School Gardening Club and said that more would be appreciated. *Oliver gave an update on Facebook – HiB page now has 449 followers with 462 likes.  The most popular item this month was the Junior litter pick viewed by 21 and 8 shared.  Oliver was once again thanked for his efforts.  *Joan has spoken to Electric Ray TV who are going to make a programme for BBC TV looking at In Bloom entrants.  Joan gave some information and the person will ring back.  It seems that community involvement is key to the programme. *Iola noted that some plants seem to have been pulled up at the Resource Centre Car Park.  Joan to view.  *Jenny spoke about organic pest control for vine weevil and gave details of a nematode product – Nemasys L.  Sec. to order at pack at £39.00 to be trialled this year.  Jenny also suggested that perhaps Secretary might contact Gardeners’ Question Time to see if they would like to come to Halstead!  Will be done!!


There being no other business the meeting closed at  9.10  p.m.

Next team meeting on   Thursday 26th April 2018 
.30p.m. at Halstead Icing.

All welcome

Contacts:  Margaret Eskins Chairman.  01787 269443

Julia Smith, Secretary. 0776 2587141 / 01787461806. e-mail jaygrey@btinternet.com
Joan Gibson, plants and working parties. 01787 473070
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