Minutes of a meeting 22nd February 2018  7.30p.m. at Halstead Icing

 Chairman, welcomed all present and accepted apologies from several  who could not attend. 

MINUTES of 28th January 2018 had been circulated and were adopted
NEWS:  * New Trustee.  Chairman was pleased to announce that Annie Rees accepted the invitation of Trustees to join them.  It was explained that there are 3 trustees at present: Margaret Eskins, Joan Gibson and Julia Smith and the duties of Trustees was explained.  We welcome Annie to her new role.  *Update on health matters of colleagues:  Alan is still in Broomfield Hospital receiving IV antibiotics to try and eradicate a deep seated infection.  He is reasonably cheerful, although anxious to get home.  Get better soon Alan!  Ian is at home now and his hip is mending nicely.  He still finds it quite difficult to get mobile – but practice makes perfect Ian!  Take care, see you soon.  Joyce is at home and trying to take it easy.  Hopefully when the weather warms up a bit Joyce will be back at working parties.  We wish Mary S and her family well; Mary’s husband has had major surgery after which he contracted an infection.  Thinking of you all.

*Letter from Woodview Gardens. Ian Tinton gave HiB some Wool Compost to trial last year and supplies soil conditioners as well.  Decisions will be made regarding requirements for 2018. *Town Plan working group. Cllr Eileen Penn spoke about the survey carried out by Town Council in 2016 which resulted in about 1000 (10%) of forms being returned.  Councillors have undertaken the mammoth task of collating results and are now in the process of formulating draft text for a town plan from the data.  Colchester Institute has offered to design the plan as a project – which it hopes will be completed by the Easter Holiday.  HiB supplied some photos, and it was said that Halstead in Bloom was mentioned in the majority of replies as being one of the ‘likes’ in Halstead.  Plan will be available electronically with some hard copies.  *Braintree DC Customer Survey. Some copies of the survey were available; it is also possible to complete online at www.braintree.gov.uk/css17-18csc.  Closing date is 31st March 2018 – get your views known! *Talk to Halstead Flower Club. 4 of the team spoke at a recent Flower Club Meeting which brought positive results.  We’ve been invited to speak to Earls Colne W.I. on 16th April; Black Notley Garden Club 12th September; Halstead Townswomen’s Guild 17th October and Tiptree Garden Club on 6th December. *Martins Bungalows. Chairman was contacted by a resident to ask if HiB could ‘do something’ with the garden to the front of these homes.  Property belongs to Greenfields, who have been contacted by residents and who are willing to  clear the ground.  Joan and Margaret have said they will view on 5th March and perhaps draw up a planting plan to discuss with Greenfields at the next Partnership meeting.  It was agreed that HiB can’t bear the cost of supplying plants nor for planting.  It was questioned whether there would be insurance implications for HiB working on Greenfields property.  *Young Foundation. Sec. had been contacted by employee of this foundation which is conducting research into local social networks and how to combat any loneliness and isolation experienced in Halstead and the surrounding area.  There will be a local event entitled ‘Nurturing Neighbours’ at Queen’s Hall on Saturday 24th March 2pm-4pm where residents will be invited to attend, decorate some ceramic pots (provided) then fill with compost and plant a bulb.  These will then be taken home and grown on and when flowering should be delivered to a local resident – names will be pulled from a hat at the event.  HiB was invited, and agreed, to attend the event that will give us a chance to speak to potential volunteers as well a spreading a bit of good will!  All welcome to attend!!!

EVENTS:   *Next RiverCare event  will be 4th March.  Meet at 10am at Sainsbury’s Car Park. *The great British Spring Clean will be held on 2nd-4th March 2018 – HiB to have a litter pick on Saturday 3rd March, meet at 10am in Solar Car Park.  Event will be publicised in Halstead Gazette (hopefully!)  *May Day Event. 7th May. HiB to have a ‘plant a sunflower’ stall.  It was decided not to have cold drinks for sale as these were not popular last year.  *Halstead Marathon. 13th May.  Margaret E, Margaret T, Eileen, Linda, David, Joan, Annie, Graham and Julia have volunteered so far – please let me know if you want to help with this prestigious event.  *Armed Forces Day. 30th June. HiB has agreed to have a stall – possibly a ‘Make a Date’ game, or something similar – thinking caps on please!  *RiverCare Annual Volunteer Conference.  Joan and Margaret E have asked to attend at Milton Country Park, Cambridge. 10am-3.15pm on 21st April.  *Halstead Flower Festival. Dates confirmed as 13th-15th July at St. Andrew’s Church.  Theme will be ‘celebrations’.  Any flower arrangers would be very welcome to join in – all flowers will be purchased by the Church and funds are being raised for this event.  Joan has ‘booked’ a place with a display of ‘Celebrating winning the World Cup in 1966’.  It was decided that HiB will fund this display.  Volunteers will be needed on the days to help with distributing programmes, making teas, etc.  This will be a great attraction for Halstead – and a great way to celebrate Halstead in bloom.   To register an interest speak to Roger Smith, David Hume or Tricia McNeeney (triciamcneeney@gmail.com – with the subject Flower Festival) as soon as possible*HiB AGM.  Confirmed for 23rd March at United Reformed Church, 7pm for 7.30pm. Team to provide the usual refreshments.  Jim Davis of Halstead History Society will speak.  Town Mayor has been invited as have all Town Councillors.  Chair of Braintree DC will be invited to attend.  Margaret T to open Hall and to organise the raffle.  *Cake stall booked – Outside Solar on 31st March.  *Plant Stall Booked – on Market Hill 26th May. *Van booked – for collecting plants 2nd June. Planting on 3rd June.  *Sci-Fi Trail. Following on the success of the Dolly train 2017 it has been suggested that this year, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the first broadcast of a Sci-Fi programme, we have a trail of Sci-Fi objects for Children to follow, collect names and win a small prize (maybe tickets to The Empire?(strikes back!!).  So far we have K9, a sonic screwdriver, number plate from ‘Bessie’ (Dr. Who’s car), Dr. Who scarf, a small Tardis, Brains’ spectacles (Thunderbirds), Joan has designed a Dalek for the Loom Garden,  Peter is to make a light sabre outside his house and we have some Star Wars coasters.  We need about 20 objects to make a decent trail – most will have to be in shop windows.  Ideas please – and offers to make other artefacts such as ‘marshmallow man’, a robot, etc.  Trail to be laid in early July and to run over the school summer holidays.

ANGLIA  IN  BLOOM’18.  *Spring Launch is booked for 9th March 2018 at Scotsdales Nurseries near to Cambridge.  So far Joyce, Sheila, Annie, Margaret E, Fiona, Linda, Ian, Wendy, Alan, Jenny B, Margaret T and Graham (12) have said they want to come.  Anyone else?  I must know by Tuesday 27th latest to book our places.  Cost is £20 each, travel to be arranged.  *Route for 2018.  Several ideas were put forward – most popular being:- Start at Bowls Club/Courtaulds Sports Field; Drive to Guides’ allotment, then to Resource Centre.  Drive up Parsonage Street, past the Church to come down High Street to the Public Gardens.  Walk through the Public Gardens and to Holy Trinity School.  Drive to Colin’s Garden.  Drive up High Street to the Birds, Butterflies and Bees Garden, then to the Loom.  Drive through Mill Chase/Green to Sudbury Road and up to Churchill Avenue/Winston Way.  Walk through to Coggeshall Pieces.Drive back down Sudbury Road, through Bois Hall Gardens to the Road Runners’ Bed.  Drive through the Cemetery and to Priory Hall.  Finish at the Bowls Club. Please consider and if there any foreseen difficulties bring to next meeting.  A route survey will be done so that any necessary works can be identified and remedial work undertaken well before judging day.  Jean to survey from Courtaulds Field, along Colchester Road and down Mallows Field to mini-roundabout.  Joan and Fiona to survey Parsonage Street from mini roundabout to Courtauld Close and Resource Centre then to St. Andrew’s Church.  Margaret T to survey the Allotment area.  All to look at High Street/Trinity Street/Kings Road.  Chris and Jenny to survey from Public Gardens to Trinity School and to Colne Valley Close/Colin’s Garden then to Butler Road.  Annie and Mike to survey Market Place, Hedingham Road and to Mill Green.  Linda and Carol to survey Sudbury Road, Churchill Avenue, Winston Way and the footpath through to Coggeshall Pieces.  Linda to look at Bois Hall Gardens and Fenn Road to the Road Runners’ Bed and the Cemetery.  Look for broken/dirty/faded signs, street furniture, etc. that need to be tidied up/painted. untidy hedges/bushes, etc. Excessive weed infestation, etc. etc.  Anyone welcome to feed in identified ‘grot spot’ areas.  Please let Sec. have surveys before next Partnership meeting on Tuesday 20th March so that they can be collated and discussed with BDC, HTC, Greenfields, etc.  *Jobs to be done winter/spring: 1) Muck Spreader, Colchester Road.  Needs a good clean. Edging of bed outside Public Gardens needs to be painted.  Raised beds at Honeywood Road need to be painted.  Trough at Monklands to be replaced. Trough at Ronald Road needs to be replaced.  Trough at Dale Hire needs to be replaced.

WORKING  PARTIESFor all working parties meet at 2p.m. on Town Bridge unless advised otherwise:  27th February: Resource Centre (bring rakes/trowels/hand tools).6th March-Clearing at the River Bank (bring digging forks). 13th March – Deadheading. 20th March-Clearing at the River Bank (bring digging forks). 27th March. Litter pick and/or clearing at the River Bank.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS:  *Calendar 2019. Quotes have been sought for lesser quantities: 900 will cost us £2.16 each. 800 will cost £2.35 each. (1000 this year cost us £2.00 each. It was decided to accept quote for 900 and agreed that selling cost per item will have to be raised. *Manure There is still a quantity of well rotted horse manure in stock.  Chris would like some for Trinity School, Margaret T would like some for Guides’ allotment.  It must all go!!  *Pram. Will be ready for display when Royal Baby is born in March.  *Zac said that Little Pickles Nursery is very keen to take part in litter picks.   Zac thought that Little Pickles might like to have an event on a Thursday, during Nursery hours. Will see what we can do.  *Margaret T announced that the Junior Competition for 2018 will be to make a bird box (plans for an ‘easy’ make and a ‘more difficult’ make can be supplied), together with a tub containing some bee friendly plants.  Entries will be displayed in Halstead Public Gardens on day of judging.  Letters to be sent to Schools/youth groups, etc. in the near future.  Prizes will be bought.  Margaret T also said that the kerbs outside Library are still not fixed – has been reported, but that some paving slabs outside Hairdressers have been fixed but not the ones outside the Fish&Chip shop.  Some drains have also been cleared.  *Lia spoke about the Halstead in Bloom FaceBook page and asked if anyone would act as Administrator of this page to post events, etc.  Oliver volunteered and will liaise with Lia and Barry.  It was said that the Halstead in Bloom web site is now up and running – thank you to Shane Exley for reconfiguring and updating the site.  Mike administers the site.  *David T said that some hand rails along the bottom path of the River Walk are falling apart and need to be fixed for safety sake.  Will be reported.  David also noted that the drain in Colchester Road adjacent to the bus stop opposite Courtaulds Sports Field is full to the top.  Will be reported.  *Fiona asked again if the dog bin could be moved away from the seat on the River Walk (before weather gets warmer and dog bin gets smellier!).  Will be requested.   *Chris announced plans for a Junior Bloom litter pick that is to be arranged for the last Sunday of each month – meet at 10.30am at Chapel Street (Sainsbury’s) Car Park.  10 Junior Bloom high viz vests have been bought, and some medium size vests can be available.  Litter pickers need to be available – will see how many are in stock and if we need to purchase more.  Events will be publicised, first one to take place on Sunday 25th March.  *Margaret C said that there is a large pot hole in Chapel Hill, near to a drain on the left hand side going up.  This will be reported.  *Carol said that Wade UK has now been sold and wondered whether there will still be sponsorship from this Company.  Sec to investigate.



There being no other business the meeting closed at  9.30  p.m.

Next team meeting on   Thursday 29th March 2018 
.30p.m. at Halstead Icing.

All welcome


Contacts:  Margaret Eskins Chairman.  01787 269443

Julia Smith, Secretary. 0776 2587141 / 01787461806. e-mail jaygrey@btinternet.com
Joan Gibson, plants and working parties. 01787 473070

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